Joe at microphone

The Best (and worst) Jokes from Joe's "Fly Spot"

  • What sort of creature has webbed feet?

    One that’s stuck in a spider's web.

  • What does a spider do for a job?

    He's a spy - DER!!

  • What has eight legs and a red back?

    It’s an ant standing on the head of a human wearing a red jumper.

  • How does a spider catch her dinner these days?

    With a website.

  • What’s a Daddy Long Legs’ favourite day of the Year?

    Father’s Day.

  • Why did the spider cross the road?

    Because the chicken had just eaten him!

  • Why did the flea want to marry the dog?

    It was love at first bite.

  • Why are the snail Olympics only every 500 years?

    Because it takes them that long to finish the marathon.

  • What sort of insects ruin birthday parties?

    Blowflies. Because they're always blowing out the candles before the birthday bug.

  • What did one flea say to the other flea?

    Should we walk or take the dog.

  • How many moths does it take to change a light globe?

    287. One to change the light globe and 286 to fly round in circles banging their heads on the glass.

  • What has four wheels and flies?

    A garbage truck!